There will be six Prizes awarded to the winners of the M4 Competition.

The exact cash amounts to be granted (at present standing at 27,000€) will depend on securing additional sponsors, announced later. Currently, the total amount will be distributed as follows:

1st PrizeBest performing method according to OWA9,000€
2nd PrizeSecond-best performing method according to OWA4,000€
3nd PrizeThird-best performing method according to OWA2,000€
Prediction Intervals PrizeBest performing method according to MSIS5,000€
The Uber Student PrizeBest performing method according to OWA5,000€
The Amazon PrizeThe best reproducible forecasting method according to OWA2,000€

The amount of 20,000€ is generously provided by the . Additionally, the global transportation technology company  will generously award a special Student Prize of 5,000€ to the student with the most accurate forecasting method according to OWA and  will generously award 2,000€ for the best Reproducible forecasting method.

There are no restrictions in collecting more than one prize. More information regarding the prizes can be found in the M4 – Competitors Guide.